Monday's Musings

Stole this idea from some other blogs but want to try once a week to just put down my thoughts of that day...

- An NFL game in Mexico city would be quite an experience

- Interesting to see if UT-Chattanooga is better than everyone thought or if Bama played worse than expected

- Its been a long semester, I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving Break

- Slowing down and really considering what is God teaching me has been really helpful lately

- I've been watching Blue Bloods lately, I'd really like to have a family full of missionaries one day and have a family business dinner experience like the show

- I'm looking forward to New Years Conference

- Watched the end of Nascar this weekend. That sport is dying. 

- Late November Weather in Southeast Texas is quite incredible

-Reading a book on Johnathan Edwards view of Spiritual Formation needless to say its a deep read

-Also, I'm promoting a Best Year Ever series by Michael Hyatt. The first gift they are giving is a great resource from 30 top business leaders on how they start of a new year with a bang.

Check out this link here and hopefully it will be beneficial for you. Download this PDF to find out what more than 30 thought leaders do to start their year off with a bang: